About us

Suphep Horal Thai Massage offers you a selection of body and health treatments (Thai Massage, Foot Massage, Aromatherapy, suphep horal signature packages and many more). Discover our distinctive body and mind rejuvenating experiences with the finest Massage products and highly expert, professional therapists.

All our staff are fully experienced in the art of authentic Thai massage.

Across Asia nearly everyone regularly visits a Thai massage spa as part of their routine healthy living. It is our mission to give the people of Bradford a similar boost to their health system.

At Suphep Horal Thai Massage, we have created a contemporary, welcoming setting where you can take your time, unwind fully and enjoy a relaxing massage. There are five spacious treatment rooms and each room is equipped with specialist massage beds and showers. 

There is a nice waiting area for guests who will be offered complimentary beverages and free wifi.